this list is as much a to-do list as a list of actual links

  • “Reading Hocquenghem” (Lire Hocquenghem) by Mickaël Tempête—starting in august there has been some scandal in france over G.H.’s writings on childhood. i think this article does a good job contextualizing that and engaging with Co-ire, which is where Guy lays it all out most explicitly
  • Coming and Going Together: A Systematic Childhood Album (Co-ire : album systématique de l’enfance) by Guy Hocquenghem and René Schérer—available at the HOMINTERN website.
  • “Against the Doll-Child,” an interview with Tony Duvert by Guy Hocquenghem—i have this in a doc somewhere, ari and i (emphasis on ari) translated it some time back. i should polish it and put it on here
  • L’âme atomique by Guy Hocquenghem and René Schérer—this looks really interesting to me, it’s a book of philosophy from the eighties against postmodernity and in favor of an “aesthetic soul” and a kind of atomism, coming out of a reading of Walter Benjamin. i have been picking at this pretty slowly, but not with the kind of dedication to progress as i was with Co-ire. need to take a bit of a break from translating really. i will be putting it up in installments
  • something from spanish? i need to put my spanish to use so it doesn’t rust, maybe there is some Preciado or something i could work on